The Legal Stuff,

Documentation is required for Weddings in Greece, the documentation for all islands is the same but please note some islands vary on the notice period of your intended wedding ceremony for details on these notice periods please contact us.  

In order to get married in Greece you must obtain the documents listed below.  These documents must be legalised by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).  The documents must then be translated into Greek by an approved translator whom represents the Greek Consulate.  We can arrange all of this for you.

Rhodes - at least 7 weeks notice prior to your wedding. You must be on the island 3 days before your wedding day and at least 1 day after your wedding day. We recommend a minimum 7 night stay, Please note that Chapels in Rhodes are normally reserved at weekends and special holidays for the local Greek community, Weddings and Baptisms.

Documents required and how to get these, IMPORTANT: only original documents or certified copies are acceptable.

Compulsory documents required -

Passport - The bride and groom are to be in possession of a British Passport with a minimum of 6 months remaining before expiration.  If either party do not have a British Passport please inform us at the beginning of your enquiry. (There is a fee to obtain a new passport)

Full Length Birth Certificate - The bride and groom must be in possession of a FULL LENGTH birth certificate, if you do not have a full length certificate but a short length certificate, this will not be accepted.  We strongly advise both bride and groom request a FULL LENGTH copy of these as they will be kept by the Town Hall in your nuptial resort. Order a copy and submit these as a part of your application to us.  You can order new certificates (There is a fee to obtain these)

Adoption certificate - If either of you have been adopted you must produce this document as a part of your legalisation application.

Certificate of Non Impediment (CNI) - A CNI can be obtained from your local Registry Office in the UK, these are normally located at the County Hall.  Both the bride and groom must obtain a certificate of non impediment.  Why do you need this? This is legal proof from the UK that both of you are free to marry and is sent to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office as a part of your legalisation process.  The CNI is valid for ONLY 3 MONTHS, it must not be dated more than 3 months prior to your wedding day.  When you visit the registry office, you will not receive the CNI forms straight away, there will be a 2 week delay.  (There is a fee payable to the registry office for these documents).

Been married before? You Don't need to worry - if either of you have been married before you will need to produce the original Decree Absolute which must be stamped by the court in colour.

What if your surname does not match your Birth Certificate or Passport? - If a change of name has been effected by either the bride or groom for any reason whatsoever, a Deed Poll certificate must be produced.  This can either be witnessed by a solicitor or by a specialist agency, for further help and advice visit

Death Certificate - If either of the bride or groom have been widowed, a Death certificate must be produced.

Under 18? - We need written consent from a parent or guardian if either the bride or groom are under the age of 18 years old.  This written consent must accompany your application.