Historical Rhodes

Rhodes classically known Rhodos is a beautiful and unique island is the largest of the Dodecanese Island complex, situated in the southeast  most part of the Aegean Sea. Considered to be one of the most beautiful and historical destinations within the Greek islands, if not the world.

Rhodes has 220km of sun soaked coast line and a population of 110,000 people. Perhaps the most important archaeological site on the island is at Lindos, the capital before it was moved to Rhodes. A temple to Athena Lindia was built on the acropolis of the town, according to tradition, by Danaos in 1510 BCE. This was replaced with a new Doric temple in the 6th century BCE in the reign of the tyrant Cleoboulos. After this temple was destroyed by fire, another temple was rebuilt in 342 BCE. A large propylon or gate and a monumental stairway were added to the sacred site c. 300 BCE. Also of interest are the remains of the theatre which originally had 26 rows of seats and a capacity for some 18,000 spectators, a temple to Dionysos, and rock-cut tombs. All of these monuments are testimony to the wealth and prestige once enjoyed by the island from its role as a trade hub in the eastern Mediterranean.

Breathtaking views located around this popular wedding island, combined the intense blue sea and together with the stunning sunsets, all contribute to make this magical island one of the most visited within the Mediterranean.

A beautiful and amazing location to celebrate one of the most romantic days of your life.

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