Why we are different ....

Ever looked at a Wedding package from another planner and been happy with what you see .... until the photos and video from your special day arrive and are not what you expected? Well this is where we are different, Simply Mediterranean Weddings now have a new Wedding Photography page and this shows you the quality and style of work from some of our Media Professionals.   No other planners have this, we believe we are the first.  They sell you a wedding package, we sell you what you actually want.

Each of our Professionals offers something different to suit your budget, with package information available for you to tailor make your actual requirements.  Like a style of photography....Simply enquire.  Nothing there you like, Simply enquire.  We want you to have the freedom to choose whom and what you get on your Wedding day, not the other way around.

For clarity, some of the photos we have displayed have been provided by the photographer to demonstrate their work, even though the event may not have been planned by us.  We believe in being transparent in everything we do.


Our Best wishes


The Simply Mediterranean Weddings Team