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Amorgos is a remarkably unspoiled island, located at the south-eastern edge of the Cyclades and a short ferry journey to the North- East from Santorini .  Traditional customs are still inextricably interwoven into a landscape as rich as beauty as in its history and culture.  Originally inhabited by seafarers from Asia Minor in the 4th Century BC, the island now cradles people who enjoy a lifestyle that has been shaped by a varied and dramatic past.  This is a place that appears untouched by time, but where inhabitants quietly preserve one of the best kept secrets of the Aegean.

Perfect for trekking, the island is 33km in length and its width varies from 1.5km to 6km and also boasts 3 mountain peaks - Krikelos to the North at a modest 822m, Profitis Ilias in the centre of the island at 699m and Korax to the South-West at 607m.  These dramatic peaks offer a stunning backdrop overlooking the entire island.

There are two ports on the island: Katapola and Aegiali, where ferries, catamaran and hydrofoils call, connecting Amorgos to other islands and the mainland.

History of the Island

The island was first inhabited during the Neolithic period and 14 sites dating from the Early Cycladic period have been excavated to date.  In antiquity, there were three main cities on Amorgos, all founded in the 7th and 6th centuries BCE.  Remains of all three can still be seen.  The island played an important role in the antiquity, due to its special geographical location.  During the Medieval era, Amorgos was ruled by the Dukes of Naxos, but after the Byzantine Empire was restored in Constantinople, Amorgos was recaptured in 1268.  Before the end of the century, however, the Venetians and Genoese defeated the Byzantines and Amorgos returned to the rule of the Dukes of Naxos until the Ottomans captured the island in 1566.

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How to get to Amorgos from Santorini

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